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Picking the right shower curtain for you can be an arduous task. Once you have finally decided to get showerreally-cool-shower-curtains curtains, expect to be overwhelmed with a broad selection of designs and materials. At least let me help you in deciding which one will suit you best. Read on for helpful tips.

What Design

Should I Select?

As mentioned, there are loads of designs and colors are available for you to choose from. This fact actually contributes to your indecision in picking the right one that best complements your bathroom interior. Commonly, it is everyone’s goal to make the bathroom as inviting and bright as you can.

Opting for a white-colored curtain may lighten up your bathroom but it may likewise appear too dull and sterile. You can opt for a monochrome shower curtain but you don’t have to stick to it. You may choose patterned or artful curtains. There are even stores who offer to customize them. It’s really up to you whether or not you’ll go all out and daring.

What Kind of Material is the Best?

Opinions as to what material is the best are mostly subjective. Most people prefer vinyl as the only appropriate material for shower curtains because it is water-proof and easy to clean; you can simply wipe them off and voila! This type of material is also light and more affordable. Some people, however, like to use numerous kinds of fabric and most of them are actually okay to use. You just have to be extra careful you choose the ones that do not absorb so much water and can be washed through the washing machine. Either way you choose, lots of designs are available.

Is it True that Vinyl Curtains are Poisonous?

You must have probably heard that PVC, plastic, or vinyl contain carcinogenic substances that are harmful to health. This is actually right, to some degree. It may be safer to say that those plastic products that are made by first world countries are safer to use than cheap plastic products imported from other countries. Fortunately, it is quite easy to distinguish the two from each other. Most often than not, cheap and harmful plastics emit a strong and aggressive smell. Though it may seem odd to smell the product first before adding it to your shopping cart, this is one way of telling that you are getting the good one.

Should I Make My Own Shower Curtains?

Why not? If you have the talent to create your own and make your own design, then go for it! I think this is the best way to personalize your curtain and make it unique. Pick your design and prepare the materials you are going to use such as some safety pins and hooks then you’re done! Simply attach the finished product into the curtain rod and take pride in it. The best thing about making your own is that it is cheaper and the design selection is endless.

Bestseller Shower Curtains

How Do I Want to Attach My Curtains?

You may slide the curtains directly into the curtain rods or attach them through hooks. The latter is the most durable and hygienic option, although it might cost you more.

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