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To promote good hygiene, it is important for you to shower every day. You are aware of so much pollution and dirt around that regularly exposed you to germs, particularly in public places and even in your own homes.

The good and bad side of a shower head:

A shower head is an apparatus found at the end of a water source that disperses water and provides an even flow under which to wash. You probably like to start off your day fresh after a nice, warm bath. Using a shower head, you are provided jets of water that is both flowing and soothing, However, taking a shower is a top contributor of water usage and waste in every household; more so when the wrong type of shower head is used.

Smart shower head by Eva:

Eva Bluetooth created a shower that boosts your desire for economy. Her new showerhead cuts consumption by regulating water flow and encouraging good water-saving habits. It reduces water usage by 50% for it assumes that water will only be poured down when it is actually needed. It is equipped with a free companion app that monitors water usage and compared with other users, it motivates saving in the long run. Actually, the device will pay for itself in a single year.

Inputs from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

According to the EPA, the average time to take a shower is 8 minutes and it consumes around 18 gallons or70 liters of water. The yearly consumption of the U.S. alone amounts to over one trillion gallons or 3.8 trillion liters of water. In some places, water is a very precious commodity because of droughts. The agency is encouraging inventors as well as the public to find new ways of reducing consumption in the shower.

Why Eva is a water-saver:

Eva promises substantial savings on your water bill. It addresses three poor user habits that waste great amounts of water: (1) allowing water to run longer than necessary by waiting for it to heat up; (2) keeping the water to pour continuously even if far from the water jet; and (3) lastly, taking long unnecessary showers even when a shorter one would suffice.

Added to this is the combination of the shower head with a smartphone app that monitors “shower stats” over time and encourages you to do better every time.

What Eva does?

Eva keeps an eye on water temp as soon as water starts pouring. As the desired level of water is reached, you are automatically notified by the shower head that it’s time to enter the shower and reduce water flow. Water will only resume once your presence is detected.

After you enter the shower, your distance from the actual shower head will determine the intensity of the water jet. This way, water is not wasted as you temporarily step away to shampoo your hair. Finally, you will be reminded by Eva to leave the shower if you’re taking too long.

More innovations from Eva:

The free companion smartphone app, allows you to tweak different preferences to include: water temp., length of shower; flow of water and “zone” settings.

You have the option to determine your distance from the shower head and different water level assignment.

Use the app to keep track of day-by-day shower length and water usage that motivates you to develop water-saving habits.

4. In a way, this Fitbit for your shower is a money-saver. Even with a family of four using the shower, it can pay for itself in just one year.

Creator of Eva assures that the device employs ½ -inch standard shower head connection works for most showers. If you encounter a problem, send them a picture of the shower piping and they will do the rest.

Eva is using Indiegogo that is an international crowdfunding web site. The site’s market is anyone who has an idea and wants to raise funds to finance their goal. As of the present, Eva’s pledged- levels of US$109 are still available. If things go smoothly, smart shower heads are expected to be in the market by December next year.

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