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The ideal shower head is low-flow and most acceptable by users as it not only cost effective but most sustainable. Here are some tips to buy the ideal shower head.
Tip # 1– All water-saver shower heads or even the low-flow shower heads (2.5-gpm) do not function the same way.

It needs an easily removable restrictor that users can easily throw away. Some have performance warranty that mist promise good saving. Our shower head is the answer to your anxieties. Our shower head (1) provides a substantial savings; (2) provides high pressure showers, and (3) does not have a restrictor.

Word of warning: Some low flow shower heads are affected by chemical build up as they are subject to frequent clogging: consequently, they increase their maintenance for the cost of labor for cleaning or replacement!  Consider our 1.5 gpm “Jet-Stream” Showerhead® that is our Best Available Low Flow Shower

Tip# 2 – You will likely go over several types until you find one that provides both substantial savings on usage and quality showers that normally means “high pressure.” Shower with a “waterfall” effect will require longer time for long hair to rinse and will not be able to provide high pressure that most people desire. This is the primary reason for a number of complaints.

Tip # 3 – Take time to test your current shower water volume in gallons per minute (gpm). You will have to determine the current water usage in gallons per minute (gpm), to know the percentage potential savings for any replacement shower head. You can print and use the 2-Minute Shower Water Volume Test.

If it saves you more or lasts longer, it is worth more! Note: Chrome-plated brass is not the same as chrome-plated plastic. We are recommending The “Jet-Stream” Showerhead as it is the Best Available Low Flow Shower.

Tip #4 – It is another Caution! Buying items based on the “lowest price,” may not be true saving as it does not last longer or help to reduce pollution. Wise buyer know that the “Cheapest is rarely the most economical!” We are strongly recommending the use of Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) for this type of purchase. In fact, US Government agencies, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) is buying method of choice.

Tip #5 – “Special or Patented Features” are signs of low-flow shower heads that are (a) efficient in both water & energy Efficient; (b) its auto flow and pressure controls all pressures between 15-psi and 120-psi; (c) it is self-cleaning or corrosive resistant; (d) its maintenance is free; (e) warrantee from 5, 10 or 20 years; and (f) money back if not satisfied. Other beneficial feature is: Test it Free.

We highly recommend The “Jet-Stream” Showerhead – Best Available Low Flow Shower

One customer’s Testimonial

“Just wanted to thank you for introducing us to your 1.5 gal showerheads we are very pleased with its performance, with so many products out there “claiming” performance it’s refreshing to actually find someone being truthful about their products. Our concern was, whether our tenants would like the way it feels, I am glad to say not a single complaint in over a year, nothing, zero defects, zero plugs, 100% satisfied. We will be ordering more, look forward to doing business with you again.”
—from Dale G. Inslee, Dir of Asset Management/Modernization, NEOHA

Home Owners, Motel Owners, Hotel Owners, and Apartment Owners are offered a saving from $60 to $240 yearly , per unit, for just replacing the current water waver shower head with its 2.5 gpm low-flow in each unit with the patented, 1.5-gpm “Jet-Stream” Showerhead® that is energy-efficient, high-pressure, low-flow and satisfaction-guaranteed.

We are pleased to offer High Pressure Shower & Faucet Aerators that are
“Energy Efficiency At It’s Best”


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