Are you looking for a way to enhance your daily shower experience? A dual shower head could be just the thing you need to soak your entire body for quick and efficient rinsing. If you feel as though you are not currently getting enough from your shower, it is definitely a good idea to look into getting one of these shower heads. A dual shower head will make you feel like you are taking a shower in a hotel every single day, and there are lots of different kinds to choose from.

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What is a Dual Shower Head?

A dual or double shower head consists of two individual heads that stream water separately. The maximum water flow that is allowed for shower heads is 2.5 gallons per minute, but a dual shower head can provide you with twice the amount of power you get with a standard shower head. Instead of getting a single high-pressure shower head, why not invest in a dual showerhead that can provide you with everything you need in one package? Whether it is an adult taking a shower or a child, a dual shower head can be highly beneficial for all members of a family.

What are the benefits of a Dual Shower Head?

There are a number of benefits associated with a dual shower head system, including the fact that you will get increased water flow. These shower heads are designed in such a way as to where you will get double the amount of water in half the time. If you find that you are usually in a hurry in the morning, a dual shower head could be a great way to save you some time in the shower. You will also get a much stronger water flow and water pressure for an improved overall shower experience.

If you frequently take showers with your spouse or significant other, a double shower head will provide each of you with a way to rinse off so you don’t have to share. One of these shower heads can make your time in the shower more efficient as well as more romantic.

A dual shower head also means less time in the shower. If you have a household full of people who need to use the shower each day, this type of shower head will save everyone time. When you invest in a good dual shower head, you will no longer have to worry about waiting quite so long for your turn to get in the shower every morning.

There are lots of different options that you can choose from when it comes to double shower heads. Each of these shower heads have various features that you can use to improve your shower experience, such as numerous spray patterns that you can choose from so you get to take the kind of shower you want every single time.

Best Dual Shower Heads

    • Ana Bath SS5450 Double Shower Head

This Ana Bath showerhead is an inexpensive and efficient option for those who are looking for a dual shower head that works well and offers a number of options. When you buy this showerhead you will get to choose from 5 different functions, and it also has a nice lightweight design with a brushed nickel finish for a modern look. The rainfall shower head on this model is very easy to install, quiet, and will provide you with a relaxing massage. This particular showerhead is also an excellent choice for parents who need a good way to rinse their children off when it is bath time.

    • Waterpik TRS-523/553 Combination Showerhead

Waterpik’s OptiFlow Design provides up to 30-Degree more water. TRS-523 Powerspray + dual head shower system comes with 5ft hose, 2-way diverter that you can switch from the handheld or fixed mount. Very Easy to Installs.

    • Zoe Industries Neptune Dual Shower Head

The Neptune Dual Shower Head from Zoe Industries is a great investment to make if you want to really enhance your daily shower experience. This is certainly one of the more affordable and durable dual shower heads on the market, making it a great overall deal for those who are looking for one. Installing this showerhead is easy, so you won’t have to worry about fooling around with a bunch of tools to get it up and running. You will, however, have to use both showerheads at once every time you get in the shower, which is definitely not the worst thing ever. If you want to save time in the shower every morning, this showerhead is definitely a viable option to consider.

    • Grohe Freehander Dual Shower Head

The Grohe Freehander offers just about everything you could possibly want in a dual showerhead, and it is in fact one of the highest rated of these devices on the web. This showerhead has a “speedclean” feature that allows you to get rid of lime buildup at any time, so you can keep it perfectly clean and functioning properly. There are three different spray settings to choose from, so you can decide which type of shower you want to take every single morning. This showerhead’s starlight chrome finish will go perfectly with most people’s bathrooms, allowing you to get style and function all in one package. If you are the kind of person who really enjoys taking long hot showers, this dual showerhead is certainly worth considering.

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