Buy Best Shower Heads —Improving your Shower Experiences

A good shower can really make a difference when it comes to your mood, and the type of shower head that you use is very important for a number of reasons. There are lots of different ways to improve the overall quality of the time you spend in the shower each morning, and it is crucial that you take the time to look into some of them.

If you want good water pressure and a number of options to enhance your overall shower experience this year, it is important that you take the time to look at some of these options before buying anything in particular.

PictureProduct NameTypeList PriceRating(Out of 5)Reviews
Speakman-S-2005-HB Shower HeadSpeakman S-2005-HB wall mount$$4.7Speakman S-2005-HB Reviews
Moen-S63202 Shower HeadMoen S6320 Velocity Rainshower$$$$4.8Moen S6320 Velocity Showerhead Reviews
AKDY-AZ6021 Rainshower shower headAKDY AZ6021Rainshower$$4.5AKDY AZ6021 Reviews
Ana-Bath-SS5450CBN1-ShowerheadAna-Bath SS5450CBN1Handheld$$4.5Ana Bath SS5450CBN Reviews
BSB-homeware1-handheld led light showerheadBSB LED Hand Handheld
$$4.5BSB LED Hand Showerhead Reviews
KOHLER-K-9245-CP1-Speaker ShowerheadKOHLER-K-9245 Wall Mount
$$$4.3KOHLER K-9245-CPReviews
Knox-Speaker ShowerheadKnox Music JetWall Mount
$n/a4.6Knox Music Jet Reviews
Culligan-WSH-C1251-filter-showerheadCulligan WSH-C125Wall Mount
Water Filter
$4.4Culligan WSH-C125 Reviews
HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury rainfall shower headHotel Spa Ultra LuxuryRainShower
$$4.4HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Reviews
magicshower led shower headMagicShowerhead SH1026 LED
Wall Mount
$3.2MagicShowerhead SH1026 Reviews

8 Different Types of Shower heads to choose from

Do you want a shower head that will provide you with a decent amount of water pressure so you can get clean and enjoy your shower time as much as possible? Below you will find a list of the different types of shower heads and a detailed description of each one, so you can make an informed decision as to which kind you should get. Some of these shower heads are high tech with features like LED lights, while others are more basic, so look through some of these options to see which type you might like the most.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Wall-mounted shower heads are just about as basic as it gets, but they can do the job and come as a standard fixture in most homes today. If your current wall-mounted shower head is rusty and isn’t providing you with the kind of water pressure it used to, it’s probably time to replace it. This is by far the most economical option and you should be able to switch your current shower head out for a new one if you are living in an apartment or rental property of some kind.

The Speakman Anystream Hotel massage shower head is by far one of the most choices you have. If you want the kind of shower experience you get in upscale hotels like Marriot, this one is right for you. This shower head boasts an adjustable dial with 8 pulsating message jets and 40 full body sprays, so you can get clean and feel better at a cost of less than $35. This shower head is the perfect upgrade for any home shower because of all that it has to offer.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

Another option you will have is a ceiling mounted shower head, which is fixed to the ceiling and is a great way for taller people to get clean and the water comes down all over your body, so you will no longer have to turn around to get all the soap off.

The American Standard have amazing ceiling mounted shower heads with a lot to offer in terms of both features and its overall design. This shower head creates a rainfall effect, but some people do not like the feeling of the lower water pressure. You have the option of installing an extension arm to get the shower head closer to you, and it is well worth the investment, especially for taller people.

Hand Held Shower Heads

There are lots of people who love hand held shower heads because they offer a lot more flexibility than fixed ones. With these shower heads you will be able to take it off the mounting clip that is attached to the wall and spray all over your body without any issues whatsoever. While hand held shower heads may be marketed for older people and they are wonderful for kids as well, everyone can benefit from them.

We personally love the Ana Bath 5” Combo Shower System, which you can use as either a fixed shower head or handheld. You can also have the fixed and handheld shower heads running at the same time for maximum effectiveness. With some truly amazing online reviews, it seems as though most people love it. While there are some customers who claimed they had to remove the flow restricting discs from the shower head to improve the water pressure, it is very easy to do. Overall, this shower head option is definitely worth considering if you want an non-traditional one that has everything you will ever need.

Rain Shower Heads

Do you want the feeling of standing in the rain while you are in your shower? If so, Rainfall shower head is the perfect option for you. A rainfall shower will allow you to relax and enjoy your time in the shower with a gentle water flow that most other shower heads won’t give you.

The Moen Rainshower Shower head is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to this type of shower head, offering two different spray settings, so you can also choose the more traditional jet setting that is similar to what you get with most traditional shower heads. The jet setting with this shower head uses 30 different nozzles which are located in the middle, and the rainfall setting uses all 100 nozzles. This is an excellent option if you want a shower head that will cater to your needs and the needs of your partner, so neither of you have to settle for less ever again.

LED Shower Heads

If you want to make your shower time a little bit more interesting and exciting, an LED shower head may be exactly what you need. These shower heads use LED lights that change color based on the temperature of the water—red when the water is hot, green when it is lukewarm, and blue when it is cold. You will find that there are certain models you can buy that give you the option of temperature mode and a setting that just displays random colors. If you love to listen to music and dance while you are in the shower, why not spice things up with an LED shower head to enhance your experience?

The MagicShowerhead LED Head offers a total of 7 different colors, which switch every 10 seconds, transitioning from white to yellow, orange to red, purple to blue, and blue to green before going back to white. This shower head does not require batteries and instead uses the water pressure to generate the electricity required to run the LED bulbs. This shower head is a great purchase for anyone who wants to make shower time a little more interesting and fun!

Shower Heads with Speakers

Do you like to listen to music while you are in the shower but are tired of using your phone? If you want to jam out to some awesome tunes, a shower head with built-in speakers is exactly what you need. You will find that there are many different models of these shower heads, some of which only offer AM/FM radio, while others have Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect it to your phone or mp3 player.

The Kohler Showerhead with Bluetooth Speaker is the ultimate choice for those who can’t live without their music while getting soapy and clean. This shower head has a great spray pattern as well as a Bluetooth speaker that is held in place with a powerful magnet. The built-in lithium ion battery can easily be removed for charging and lasts a total of 7 hours. This is by far the very best way to play music from a phone or iPod while you are in the shower.

Water filtering Shower Heads

If you live in an area where the drinking water is treated with Chlorine for sanitation purposes but have some type of skin condition that causes your skin to dry out when exposed to Chlorine, you might need a special shower head for filtering this chemical out. Those who have eczema or a similar skin condition that causes irritation from chlorinated water will find that a chlorine filtering shower head can be a wonderful thing!

Our top choice for chlorine filtering shower heads is definitely the Culligan Filtered Showerhead. With a very low price tag and a filter that can treat up to 10,000 gallons of water, this shower head has received some very high online reviews. If you want to minimize problems with your eczema while in the shower, a filtering shower head like this is a must.

Kids Shower Heads

Most kids don’t enjoy shower time as much as adults, which is why a novelty shower head can be such a great investment for parents to make. These shower heads and usually very cheap and offer kids a way to make getting clean as fun as possible.

Kids novelty shower head allows kids to get into the shower with a parent and the water will be streaming at their height. There is also a quick release hose, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the shower head after your child is done. There are no choking hazards with this shower head and it is definitely a fun way for them to get clean!

Shower Head Buying Guide


With so many shower head products in the market, a shower head buying guide will go a long way to buy the right one. Look at the weak flow of the water shower and the weak sprinkle coming out instead of an invigorating stream will be your source of frustration.

Why not purchase a new showerhead. We have the best models that have passed the test of providing strong flow and steady temperature. There are even some settings for the spray patterns adjustable from a gentle mist to a strong massage.

According to the estimate from Environmental Protection Agency, water consumption of showers alone account for over 1.2 trillion gallons per year –this amount is about one-sixth of all the water utilized by U.S. residences for bathing.

Prior to 1994, water flow consumed by showerheads was typically rated to 5 ½ gallons ever y minute. Since that time, the Department of Energy has limited consumption of showerheads down to 2 ½ gpm to save water, as well fuel for the water heater. Look at our Models display with a WaterSense label – it consumes no more than 2 gpm.

Another piece of good tiding is that the test conducted on our best model showed a pleasing gush of water at the same time fulfilling fed’s flow-rate standard. More challenges for manufacturers is to satisfy Fed standard including the WaterSense requirements without reducing the feel from the shower for a weak flow requires longer shower-time and greater amount of water used.

You Will Be Satisfied With Our Water-Efficient Models

An evaluation of the power of each model’s stream, its various settings, facility of adjustment plus other factors was made by both male and female test panelists. Augmenting subjective judgments from panelists were the measurements made in the lab for flow changes based on flow rate and water temperature in several settings.

It was a pleasant surprise how well panelists were delighted by the performance of the showerhead that was in line with how much water was delivered. Most water-saving models achieved only middle scores. The testers considered our model as one of the eco-cost water-saving unit that was both “refreshing” and “stimulating,” inspite of its modest flow of 2-gpm.


No need to purchase an expensive strong water head. The cost of our top-rated multi-setting showerhead is almost a quarter less the price of the model that finished in the second. And among those shower heads evaluated, the least-expensive model was the clear winner.

You Do Not Have to Waste Too Much Water

Do you want to reduce the water consumption of your new showerhead? Use this can reduce quick method to measure the flow-rate of your old model. Procedure: (1) Mark the gallon increment of the bucket and place beneath the shower head: (2) open the shower according to your usual normal water; and (3) note the time it takes to fill the bucket until the 1-gallon mark. If it is lesser than 24 seconds, you are able to conserve water with the low-flow shower head.

Look over the plumbing-supply, as well as shower head displayed in the showrooms. Feel the stream across your hand. Check how easy it is to change the setting of multisetting showerhead. If you want maximum flexibility, you might opt for a handheld model that can set on a wall bracket or remove to focus the spray. There are useful choices for showers used by elderly or certain handicapped persons.

Simple and Easy Installation

If you are an avid DIY person, you can replace most showerheads as it is simple and easy. First, unscrew the old head using an adjustable wrench; then throw away from the threaded part of the shower arm, the tape left by the old plumber. You will now apply fresh plumber’s tape over the threads for a good seal, and tightly screw the new shower head in place. Watch out for some “shower towers” multi-jets for they are not for DIY as it requires expensive plumbing alterations.

Observe that the low water pressure in your home might caused the stream from any showerhead to weaken. You can ask the advice of your plumber whether to adjust or replace the pressure regulator to increase the flow.

How to Replace and Install a New Shower Head

rain showerheadsIn order to replace a shower head, there are five major steps that need to be taken into consideration. This could turn out to be a straightforward task. There could be a variety of reasons as to why you need a new shower installed; either you want to replace the existing shower because it isn’t working properly, or you have to do it for cosmetic reasons. This article will provide you with a detailed guide on the steps that you need to take for the replacement and the installation of a shower head.

Step 1.
Remove the shower head: It is important to ensure that faucets of the shower have been shut off tightly. After that, you will be required to remove the current shower head. Turn the flat spots counter clock-wise that are located at the bottom of the fixture. These spots are located at the pipe nipple. That is exactly where the head is screwed into the goose neck pipe. After that it has been removed, it is crucial that you go about the cleaning process of the goose neck’s threads, as debris could get accumulated.

Step 2.
Goose neck threads: The next step is to prepare for the goose neck threads. Use Teflon tape to wrap the threads after that they have been cleaned. Once the new head gets installed, it will help provide ample protection against any leakage. Make sure to wrap the threads 4 to 5 turns in the clockwise direction. If you want to keep the tape from showing, make sure not to allow the tape to extend over the threaded area.

Step 3.
Connect shower head with goose neck: After that you have prepared threads, it’s time to screw the new head into the goose neck. Some shower heads accompany a rubber washer, but some don’t use it at all. It’s up to your personal preferences as to which option you consider to be the most suitable.

Step 4.
Affixing the shower head: If you don’t receive washer as a part of the overall deal, affix the shower head on the arm of the goose-neck and tighten it with your hands. It is imperative to ensure that it is tightly screwed on. For evaluation purposes, you need to check whether the water is moving smoothly by turning the water on. If there is any leakage on the shower arm, then you may need to use a wrench to tighten the head using a wrench.

Step 5.
Check for leaks: When shower head accompanies a rubber washer, place that into the head. After that, you can screw shower head onto the goose-neck. Lastly, look for leaks and other types of damages, and if you happen to come across any, tighten it again.

Install Hand Held Shower Heads Video

With that being said, replacing a shower head is a straightforward task. If you do not follow these steps, then you are likely to suffer major problems in near and distant future. Therefore, if you are looking for a new shower installation or the replacement of an existing one, you are advised to act upon the guidelines above. This could help you perfectly replace a shower head.

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